Moon or Sun?

luna, moon, and mountain image moon, city, and night image
🌙 Moon 🌙

Cats or Dogs?

cat, animal, and cute image black, black cat, and gatinhos image
🐱 Cats 🐱

Coffee or Tea?

tea, cup, and photography image Image removed

Dresses or Skirts?

dress, fashion, and girl image blue, boutique, and dresses image
👗 Dresses 👗

Pepsi or Coke?

coca cola, drink, and red image coca cola, snow, and coke image

Candy or Chocolate?

childhood, chocolate, and egg image chocolate, food, and delicious image
🍫 Chocolate 🍫

Winter or Summer?

summer, heart, and sea image :3, ananas, and palm trees image

Spring or Autumn?

pink, flowers, and nest image girl, flowers, and nature image

Fruit or Vegetables?

fruit, food, and healthy image fruit, food, and healthy image

Tattoos or Piercings?

beautiful, red hair, and red roses image ear, cat, and cat tattoo image

Sunrise or Sunset?

sunset, sun, and sea image paris, france, and city image
🌅 Sunset 🌅

Hey! That's my second article! You liked the first one so I hope you like this one too 😘