Hey guys! welcome back to my channel, is this a channel?

So, the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week it´s getting closer and I couldn´t be more excited. Also I wanted to show you some outfit ideas, maybe you won´t get the exact clothes but you can take an inspiration from this article. Cross the fingers for me guys, cause the last year only 18+ were allowed and I´m 16 almost 17 (sad face)

1. Favorite Designers:
- Off White (Virgil Abloh)
- Balenciaga
- Vetements
- Gucci
- Alexander MQueen

2. Favorite Trends:
- Stripes and Squares
- Denim
- Formal / casual
- Unisex clothes
- Patterns and colors

3. Tips:
- Use whatever you want, the most important thing is that you feel confident and comfortable.
- Try to wear things you wouldn´t wear usually

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