Hey Guys.
Today I wanna talk about how to Glow up for Spring/Summer 2018 and feel your best. So yeah let's start. 😁

An really important step for the ultimate Glow up is to get your Skin clear and your Eyebrows in Shape.
Take care of your Skin with some Products that work best for your Skin and also pluck your Eyebrows in a Shape that works for your Eyes best.(don't pluck to much)

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Some Eyebrow inspiration

There are so many Youtube Tutorials to look up too and trust me they are really helpful. But always remember the more simpler the better.

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Jackie Wyers Tutorials are the Best she is the Girl on the left.

Find something that looks amazing on you maybe Curls or a Fancy Hairstyle. If you feel good you will look good.

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Soo Pretty!😍

Probably the most hardest Thing in a Glow up but you will never "Glow up" if you aren't Confident.
I would like to make an Article dedicated to this Topic because it is an important one. If you would like that give this Article a Heart and react with the 😍 smiley.

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Confidence is not to compare your self at first.

Last but not least Hygiene. Always smelling your best and feeling clean is a must. Shower alot, wash your Hair atleast 2 a Week. You know all the good stuff.😍Look cleaned up and put together.

So this is it for Today, I hope you Enjoy it.Don't forget to give it a heart ❤ and feel free to text me if you have any questions or suggestions. Have a nice Day 🌷.