Hello everyone, and happy Sunday (though it's daylight savings time)! I know that in my last article I said that I would be posting a part 2, but I kind of got to thinking that it was a little boring, considering that I don't do anything that exciting in my mornings. Anyways, I've came to a conclusion to write about this since I've been wanting to do so for a while now. I hope you enjoy!

Before I actually get into this topic, I just want to clarify by saying that I am not trying to be rude in any way, shape, or form, by "favoring" one type of art over another, and I'm just expressing what I am most interested in, that's all. ;)

1. Painting
Now, let me specify on that for a brief second. I don't exactly mean a portrait, I like to paint pre-made objects like clay, picture frames, etc. Though I don't paint portraits, I enjoy the creativity and the effort put into them by other artists like the abstract colors, the design, or the brush strokes used to emphasize contour or texture.

2. Cartoon/Unrealistic Drawing
This is personally a MUST for me!!! I LOVE cartoon-type drawing because you don't really have to express realistic detailing which is something I somewhat struggle with as being an artist myself. I also love seeing works done by artists when they do a person and their features (like their head, for example) are unproportioned. It just adds style to the work and makes it interesting and more appealing to the eye, depending on how the work is done.

3. Realism
As much as I love unrealistic drawing, this is just as well-developed in it's own ways. Realism can be painted, sculpted, drawn, or even computer-designed. That's just what I love about it; you don't have to just use one type of platform to work with, and you can reference pictures to create your Realism! Personally, I struggle a little bit with some realism, but just earlier today I was working on blending markers and drawing realistic eyes. I might post those on here.

4. Print Making
I knew I just had to add this to the list because as time-consuming as this is, the end result is totally worth waiting for. If you don't know what print making is, it can be used with ink in order to convert a design on linoleum to paper (at least that's how I've done it in the past and just recently in my Art class I currently take). The techniques of how you can transfer the ink onto paper are so cool, it will really draw the eye's attention to your pattern. For our project in my class, you could either just use a solid color, or you could take two colors and create an ombre design out of it which is beautiful.

5. Collage
This is a concept that my art teacher introduced to our class this year, and I found it interesting. Collaging (in art) is when you take multiple materials and merge it together to create ONE whole image. I like the styles of some of the examples shown to us in class, but the process itself is not very easy and its time-consuming, too. In the examples shown, the obvious contrast of colors used specifically in those examples really drew my attention.

Well, that's it! Those are my 5 favorite types of art! May I remind you, there are many other types of art I admire, but this article would be too long if I talked about those, too. Happy Sunday, and I'll talk to you guys in my next article! :D