It's a fact that when you work, study or do anything too much the chances to get stress, anxiety, sadness and unhappiness whith life in general are huge.

And knowing that lately I've been acting like that, I realized it was time to relax, leave all my responsabilities a little aside and take some "me time" to de-stress and think about the good things in life instead of the bad ones.

Based on that, I started to think about little things in the daily life that make me happy and here is what I found out:

1- Sunrise:

Image removed black, blue, and building image

Only the ones who saw this magnificent nature event will know how beautiful is seeing it with your own eyes.

I guarantee you that taking some time to watch the sunrise will make your day 10 times better.

2- The beach:

beach, playa, and tumblr image beach and sunset image
srsly guys, that's art there.

If you live by the beach you should definitely go and spend some time there.

Just sit in the sand, feel it in your hands, enjoy the weather, see and hear the massive ocean in front of you and just relax.

That is a nice way to make your day happier and worriless.

3- Go for a walk:

city, shop, and street image alone, forest, and walk image

If you don't live by the beach (or if you do but don't really like it), another option is to go for a walk in some park to interact with nature, or even in your own neighborhood.

It doesn't really matter where you are, just know that the important thing here in this step is to take some time for you and clear your mind to de-stress and be positive.

4- Take some time to do the things you love to:

alternative, coffee, and art image diary, forest, and snowman image bands, dark, and flowers image music, vintage, and photography image

I think we all agree that there is nothing better than doing what you love, even if it's little things like watching netflix all day, ignoring all the books you need to read and spend the day reading that favorite one, listening to music without doing anything else or taking the day off to draw whatever you want to draw.

Doing funny things like this will definitely make you feel better, relaxed and have a pretty great day.

5- Sunset:

aesthetics, tumblr, and vibes image
honestly, it's the best part of the day for me

And last but not least: the sunset. Since I started this article with the sunrise, there is nothing fairer than ending it with the sunset.

There is nothing more magic than the sunset. It happens when the day is ending and because of that everything is so calm and beautiful.

Take some part of your day to go outside and watch it, there is no experience better than this to finish your day happily.

Thanks for reading, guys! I hope this article was usefull to you hehe. Always remember that it's important to study, work and etc, but don't let it consume you, ok?

Have a nice and happy day <3