➺Hello again students in WHI ❣ If you clicked on this article, you are searching for more easier ways to Ⓢtudy, for some ℳotivation, or you are just ℭurious. Well you will get it all from here.☘

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➳ Tips for studying.

Set your goals.

First of all you need to set your goals. You want to study medicine? Perfect give your time to biology. You want to be a Maths teacher? Good go and solve Math problems. You need to know for what you will use your time. So go and think about it.☜

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Use different colors and markers.

In my previous articles I always say to make notes. Pretty notes always will help you with studying. Using different colors and markers will help you remember things even more easier. Just make a system for the colors you will use in your notes and you're ready.✍ You can chek some examples in here.☟

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more helpful advices from other people.

Organization is the key to success.

In every article I say organization is very important. Well it is. You need to know where your stuff is to be more productive.✔ And clear study place will help you not to lose time for styding to find place for your notebooks.✔ So after reading this article go ahead and clear your place.

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for people who just can't manage to keep it organize like me

Reward yourself.

Sometimes you need some stimulus to keep going. Use some treats between the pages of your lesson or after one paragraph. It will defenetly help you continue studying to get these treats.
But I don't recomend it if you don't have some self-control!

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Don't forget to get a good study snack in sthe study breaks. It will help you concentrate and continue again.❁

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More help for people like me who can't decide alone.

De-stress the right way.

We all are really stressed when we start to study for finals or even for some little exam. All this stress isn't good for anyone. So it's important to know the right way to de-stress yourself.♨

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4 really helpful articles in my oppinion

Motivation board.

Making planners is important to stay aware of coming exams. But making motivation board near your study place is even more important. Keep yourself motivated and productive for studying.☆

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If you are interested in this and need a little help, look forward to my next article. In the nearest future I will make an article about "How to make your perfect motivation board.".

➳ Motivation.

✯Here we go again with one big portion of motivation (which you can use fot your motivation board).✯

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I may not be this cute but still I can be helpful

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