This is they day one of the 30 day writing challenge, hope you enjoy it!

1. Music

It makes me really happy listen to music, playing instruments and sing. Also it makes me happy to compose songs with the guitar and he piano because it's a way to express better what I feel.

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2. Friends, family

I love spend time with my best friends, with that people that will stay forever with me.

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3. Animals

They are lovely and more loyal than a lot of people around you.

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4. Traveling

Traveling is one of the best things in life, you enrich yourself from another culture, other ways of living, other foot, other religions...
if you can afford it, you have to travel.

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Barcelona, Cuzco, China and Greenland

5. Read or watch a serie

i love lying on my bed and start reading a good book or watching a serie or some youtube videos.

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6. Feelings

  • "Butterflies" in my stomach
  • The feeling of having had a productive day
  • When my stomach hurts from laughing so much, that feeling of happiness...
  • The wind in my face
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7. To kiss you or hug you unexpectedly

I think that's very cute and lovely...

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8. Remember beautiful memories

I love looking at old photos and videos and remember that days

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9. Summer and Winter

I love the smell of the Summer and enjoy with friends in the pool, but also like the loneliness of the winter, and stay at home watching series with a cup of coffee.

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10. Don't do anything

I really enjoy when I'm in the bed looking at the ceiling without doing anything, or just thinking... It's an amazing feeling

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there are many more things that I love for example learning or doing sport, but this has been the things that I really love doing.