heyyyy everybody...
in this one i will talk about how to organize better your instagram to get more followers and likes
hope you enjoy

1º rule - first of all you have to look for inspiration and how to edit a photo to stay your way, we heart it, pinterest, tumbrl help immensely in this part, are great applications to help you having your own style of photos and you yourself see what you like and you do not like, and follow blogers in instagram, believe it or not they always give a helping hand because you can draw immense inspiration

flowers, girl, and art image 666, theme, and aesthetic image aesthetic, feed, and theme image runway and fashion image pink, color, and colour image jin icons and jin pink image
pink/ purple theme

2º rule : you have to choose a theme that you do not want to get tired of quickly... color, type of photography, instagram style ... for this you have to know you better, and I think instagram is really for that, to have your style without others judging you, just be you

aesthetic, fashion, and pastel image yellow, girl, and aesthetic image yellow, sunshine, and quotes image flowers, nature, and photography image aesthetic and theme image fashion, style, and outfit image
yellow theme

3º - have fun with what you like and try to be true to what you really want for him, I kind of treat instagram as a job that we should love, photography is a world where we can make great friends interacting with others and obviously doing a lot of sfs, for that you start to visit the profile and that means that they are interested in your work

Image removed flowers and blue image aesthetic, blue, and thought image beautiful, blue sky, and building image aesthetics, alternative, and blue image girl, grunge, and pale image
blue theme

4º rule - having apps to edit photos is the secret to having your feed as you want, changing colors, brightening, darkening, adding content, anything is possible with these apps. As such I will give some recommendations of apps that are free and phenomenal: vsco; picsart; snapseed; afterlight; airbrush; r4ve;

red and rose image moodboard jungkook and red moodboard k.pop image outfit, red, and fashion image black, quotes, and red image aesthetics, art, and indie image red, aesthetic, and skateboard image
red/ dark theme

5º rule - so that your profile is inspiring you have to create and be your own to take the photograph, because the work of others never values anyone or make us more, you have to take several photos a day and you have to have your own perspective of the world. If you take a photo that does not match the color of the height is easy ... guard or make another user with random pictures and with several colors a theme (all over the place).

if you do not have your photos for the feed, just edit others, from others that makes you kinda original because you have done the work and who knows is not, can be a true work of art

make-up, mirror selfie, and kelsey calemine image quotes, hate, and grunge image Image removed Mature image details, hearts, and interior image yellow, flowers, and rose image
alternative ( all over the place )

and thats it... if you want to see my work go to instagram just write (@anasofiawho). If you need help for something about this subject send a message in the diret ... I will help in what I can