Hello beautiful person,
I want to travel all around the world but if I had to choose just 5 places, they would be the following:

London, UK

london, city, and Big Ben image flowers, pink, and london image lake, park, and green image building, city, and big city image
I love London mainly for 2 reasons: Harry Potter and the Ruby Red Trilogy

New York, USA

city, fashion, and new york image flowers, aesthetic, and bouquet image city, new york, and nyc image Central Park, city, and travel image
I mean, common! Broadway musicals and Sex in the City

El Cairo, Egypt

Image removed Image removed egypt cairo park el azhar image Image removed
I have this strange feeling that I just need to go here...

Chichen Itza, Mexico

chichen itza, pyramid, and méxico image adventure, architecture, and blog image Inspiring Image on We Heart It beauty, chichen itza, and paradise image
I think this is such a beautiful place and it´s also in my country

Paris, France

france, travel, and love image paris, travel, and france image breakfast, buildings, and view image architecture, art, and versailles image
I´m dying to visit the Palace of Versailles


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