Hello lovely people! Today, 11th March 2018, I want to do the This or that challenge🌈. Let's start!

Fruits or vegetables

cherries, FRUiTS, and delicious image fruit, food, and blueberry image
Definitely fruits, I mean vegetables are delicious too, but if I had to choose, I would choose fruits.

Natural MakeUp or full face

brown, freckles, and garotas image aesthetic, brunette, and carefree image
I prefer natural- or no MakeUp. Actually, I'm really bad at doing makeup, hehe😅.

Curly hair or straight hair

girl, jeans, and outfit image
On many girls curls look fantastic, but my hair is like: Nope, not even in a million years.

Dogs or cats

dog, cute, and puppy image dog, pretty, and puppy image
Well, cats don't like me and I don't like cats.

Drawing or reading

aquarell, brown, and painting image Image removed
To be honest, I can't choose. I love reading and drawing.

Summer or winter

aesthetic, country, and flower image
Again, I really like winter too but if I had to decide, it would be summer.

Morning or night

city, moon, and night image city, aesthetic, and black image
Night, because I love how quiet everything is and how you can relax.

Tattoo or piercing

piercing and girl image tattoo, rose, and flowers image
I can't decide what I like more. I think both are beautiful 💖.


That's it! Hope you enjoyed reading my article. By the way, English isn't my first language and I'm really sorry for grammar- or spelling mistakes! 🤞

Lots of love, Linda! 🌌

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