Malifer Argan

Commander of Coelum's Aracie Region

Fun. Playful. Charismatic. Optimistic. Jokester; jocular. Rebellious when restricted, a little bit of a trouble-maker/ prankster. Takes risks. Fun to be around. Creative. Easygoing; doesn't get angered easily. Flexible; doesn't complain a lot. If he sets his mind to something, he will do it

AES- Bright colours. Sparklers. Fireworks. Festivals, parties. Gasping laughter and loud shouts. Piercings. Sour candy and lollipops. Most beautiful smile. Random bursts of productivity. Milkshakes. Ping-pong.

Age- 301
Birthday- November 23 (Sagittarius)
Height- 6'0
Master- Dancer (any type)
Hair/eye colour-