what are you excited about?

This is where my super nerdy / geeky nature comes forward.
The thing I am EXTREMELY excited about right now is the almost coming out of

‘Avengers Infinity War’.

Avengers, Marvel, and infinity war image

I have always been a huge fan of MARVEL and especially MCU (marvel cinematic universe) movies. I have literally been looking forward to this movie for 4 years. With the great joy and excitement that this movie brings me also comes sadness. This movie means that the end of these movies that I have grown up with is coming. These movies have helped shape who I am and I will forever be grateful to the creators and everyone involved in this magical universe. But the end is not here yet so for now I am just extremely, extremely excited and I can’t wait till April 25th!

(I know the poster says April 27th but it comes out sooner here in Holland)

Lots of love,
a huge geek.