I'm on a rollll.

And I'm really hungover, so I'm gonna finish this quick, because I just want to lay down.

Day 8

Make a list about 5 favourite books

No 1

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5 students are in a class for detention. An accident happens outside the high school during the detention. However, at the same time one of the 5 students dies from his peanut allergy. Was it an accident, or was it by fault.
One of us is lying is somewhat predictable, however it is still a very good book and very amusing.

No 2

The Truth and Lies of Ella Black. I actually haven't finished this one yet, and I really want to. Maybe a book is good for a hangover.
Anyway, this book is about this girl called Ella, living in England. However, she is not a normal girl. She is normally really sweet, but there is this other person/mind living within her, her dark side called Bella. Bella does horrible things even though Ella does not want any of those things happening. Besides this, her parents suddenly book a ticket to Rio de Janeiro for the three of them, even though she is in the middle of a school week. What is happening?
This book is about an extreme form of mental illness. She has this dark person within her, who abuses animals. Even though this is a quite strong evilness, I think it is referencing to the darkness within everyone.

No 3

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I don't really read anything else than Young Adult fiction. I only bought it, because I had to sit in the train for an hour and my phone had 20% and my laptop was out of battery. But holy sh*t, it is good. It is a great, easy-to-read story and advice. I really had to laugh at times.

No 4

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Oh gosh, let me tell you about this book. I bought this, was reading it and the more I read, the more invested I was. The ending left me heartbroken.
It is about a prestigious and rich family, who owns an island. They spend their whole summer on this island. However, the summer of 15, Cadence has an accident and is found in the water. Ever since, she can't remember things anymore from that day, and every day she wakes up, she does not remember the last day.
This book is about Cadence, who returns to the island in the summer of 17 and she slowly recalls what happened to her.

No 5

Apparently WeHeartIt does not have a lot of pics of the next book, however it is really good.
Lexi Angelo is the daughter of a man who organises conventions. This convention is a sort of ComicCon. She mainly works on these conventions ever since a little girl. But then an arrogant but good-looking author, Aidan Green, comes to the convention which annoys Lexi very much.
'Unconventional' is a very cute romance YA novel. Definitely worth to read.