Hey guys! As a student I know how hard it is to keep focused when doing school work. That's why I've came up with some tips to improve your focus!

How to focus more when studying or doing homework

⇒ Put all your electric devices away
I know, I know, it is really hard to put your phone away and most of the time you need your laptop as a student, too. However, your phone is not a neccessity when studying, so turn it off or put it on silent and put it somewhere where you cannot see it. This helps you so you don't get distracted easily.

There are several sites on the internet that helps you to only open the internet when you need it to find sources for the report or essay you are writing. A few examples are:

  • Coldturkey

It's an app for your laptop that lets you temporarily block different sites to improve your productivity.

  • Self Control (only for mac users)

Same idea as ColdTurkey

  • StayFocused (for chrome users)

Gives you the opportunity to decide how long you want to spend on a certain site and after the given time is passed it is blocked.

Of course, there are many more internet blocker sites, but these are the ones I found and used several times, except for Self Control, because I've got a Windows laptop.

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⇒ Sit in front of your desk, not on your bed
When studying or doing homework, you should sit in front of your desk. Make yourself a smoothie, tea or coffee, make it a comfortable space. When you choose to do your school work in bed, the more likely you will feel sleepy or want to quit and just lie down. Just sit at your desk, make the space you need to successfully make your homework or study in peace.

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⇒ Prioritize your tasks
I mentioned it before in one of my other articles. Prioritizing your tasks is really important to do. Make a list of the quizzes you have or the homework you have to do and when it is due. The ones that are due the soonest are your priority. Choose how long you want to work on the subject and what study method works the best for you. After you've done that, cross off the ones you have finished. This gives you the feeling of accomplishment and could improve your productivity.

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⇒ Take a break and switch between subjects
It is important to take breaks when you are studying. Try to learn one hour straight or 45 minutes and then take a 5 minute, maybe even 10 minute break. Keep in mind, not to check your phone, because that will increase the chance of a longer break. What you also should do is switching between subjects. Do not only learn one subject a day, but try to switch up. This will improve your productivity, because you get to learn several subjects on one day. Learning one subject a day can be very tiring and there is a chance that you will stop studying quicker.

When you really cannot take it anymore, after a long day of studying. Go outside, take a walk, do your groceries, but just let school go for a while. After getting some fresh air, you could try to begin with studying again. Or maybe you don't want to go outside, but just want to do something else. Don't grab your phone or scroll through the internet! Do your dishes or the laundry, go clean something in your room. But stay productive. Sometimes, it is okay to take a longer break. However, you should stay firm with yourself. You have to promise yourself that after the long break you can focus again.

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Hope the tips were useful! These tips really helped me to get more productive. The most important one is to turn your phone off. It helped me a lot :)

Lots of love,