Hello lovely internet people,
So I love long car rides with good music so much (especially at night) that I’m usually disappointed when we reach our destination. So if you’re like me and you like dramatically staring out of the window, these albums are perfect for you :)

1. Arca – Arca
I just have no words to describe this music, but it’s really amazing and you should definitely listen to it, if you want to hear something different every once in a while. My favourite song from this one is called Piel

2. Melodrama – Lorde
God I love that album so much, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it.
My favourite songs are probably Liability and Writer in the Dark

3. Demon Days – Gorillaz
They actually just had a concert near my hometown and my dad surprised me and my sister with tickets which was really, really cool. Well anyways,it’s my favourite album from them and I love Kids with Guns and Dare

4. Graduation – Kanye West
I just started listening to this type of music a few months ago to be honest, but I was surprised how much I like it! So if you have any recommendations feel free to let me know. My favorite songs from this album are I wonder and Everything I am

5. No shape – Perfume Genius
Such an amazing album. I’m obsessed with it at the moment.
My favourites are Slip away and Otherside (I get a heart attack at 1:11 everytime, because I always forget when that part comes) ^^

6. Don’t smile at me – Billie Elish
I listened to some of here songs before I knew who she was and I was so surprised when I found out that she’s only 16!! Also they‘re great for staring out of the window
I love Idontwannebeyouanymore and Watch from this one

7. Broken machine (Deluxe) – Nothing but Thieves
I’ve mentioned them in previous articles and I feel like their songs are getting better everytime I listen to them, they’re just so talented. I love Number 13 and Hell,Yeah at the moment, but all of their song are great (also check out their music videos if you want to, they’re really amazing)

8. Flower Boy – Tyler, the creator
Again, I never thought that I’d like this type of music but I really do. My favourite at the moment is 9/11 Mr.Lonely

9. Vessel – Twenty øne piløts
I mean, I had to bring them up at some point didn’t I... But I think those songs are perfect for long drives, especially Fake you out and Ode to sleep

10. The Resistance – Muse
Okay, so in this album are like these three parts of a song called Exogenisis and they’re just... just wow. I seriously have no words, you just have to listen to them!
I also really like Uprising from this album

So that’s it for now, but I always have a lot of fun writing these kind of articles, so I’ll probably do another one. Also thank you so much for 3000 likes (what) on my other article!!

Thank you for reading and I hope you have an amazing day :)

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