this is me! let´s get strated!


body, goals, and legs image
fashion, glasses, and style image
fashion, outfit, and style image
tshirt image
new balance shoes, comfy sweaters, coats and scarves, t-shirts with some random writings


beach, sea, and ocean image
Image by Katarina
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blue that is!


Temporarily removed
Image by Հաջեր👷🏽‍♀️
music, happy, and sad image
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house, city, and water image
arts, Harry Potter books, my extremely variable genre playlists, dancing, travelling!


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Image by vogueistic
dogs only!


quotes image
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not happy but not sad either ... thinking hard while speaking little

food & drinks

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analogue, bacon, and food image
coffee, sushi, cakes and full english breakfast!!! i am suddenly hungry haha

dream destinations

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Image by me
city, new york, and nyc image
Seoul city, Scandinavia, Iceland, NY city


boots, goals, and graduation image
Image by Emmy Shahid
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graduate, be a mom, be happy and confident with myself

thx for reading ♥