When we were young, we always thought that the friendships we had then would last forever. For some of us that happens, but for me, it never did. I had my first best friend when I was in the 7th grade (don't get all sad and feel sorry for me, I had lots of friends and even good friends, but that person was the first I felt deserved the best friend title) and we were inseparable. Then I had to move to another country, but we kept talking to each other at least once a day. As the days passed by it felt like I was losing my best friend. She got new friends and got busy with life and I did too. Sadly our friendship lasted for about two years after I moved and we don't even talk to each other anymore. Now I feel like I never knew that person, like that person is a stranger to me.
Why, and what if. Why this friendship we once had had to end. What if it was my own fault. Did I not try enough? It has been years now but I still wonder.