Hey my lovely hearters and followers here on this article. I like cool clothing stuff from the world and from my wardrobe and now I wanna show to you guys, some cool, lovely and cute outfit ideas for a week or a school week. I don't know if you will like it or love it, but if you will, I will do another article. But then, here is this lovely (haha) stuff from my wardrobe for you. I hope that I will inspire you. Let's see what I bring to you.
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-The First-

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So I was thinking and I watch some videos of any ideas for outfits, and I see some really cool BTS inspired outfit ideas and for this first idea, I bring you some of Suga's outfits. He likes all black clothing. So, I wear a really cool T-shirt with some star wars stuff on them, I really love it so, then a cool black jeans, a black jacket with flowers on the inside and it's not on the photo, but with Vty sneakers.

-The Second-

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For the next you can see a cute outfit for a cold day. I also love cute piecs of clothing, so here is a sweater or we can call it an univesit sweater with a cute elbow patches on it, a simple blue jeans with it and for under the sweater a cute white strappy top.

-The Third-

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My favorite outfit in this time, so I hope you like it that much as I. Haha... So, here we have is a lovely and cool Varsity jacket, a really cool shirt what says that I am cute, but psycho, but also cute. It true, haha. Then a black jeans, which I really love and are really comfy and my favorite check shirt of all time. And also with the black Vty sneakers.

-The Fourth-

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If I have a lazy day, or if I'm late for school, these are the best pieces to wear. So, here we have is a really comfy sweatpant,it's also grey and I bought on internet. I was really exited when it comesand I wear it on the first day. And don't forget about the cool looking and comfy black hoodie from the pic. I'm in love wt this outfit!

-The Fifth (wave)-

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Forget about it, what I write in the last, haha. I loved that movie.
So, in this last photo you can see a cool Batman outfit. There is a cool and comfy batman pulover with a cool and warm sweats and a really cool looking black jacket, which is so good for spring days.

I hope you liked this...stuff what I bring to you guys. And if you wanna see an other article like this, just leave a cute reaction or hit that heart button to let me know it. Have a lovely day or night and be good. Byee!

LA, out.