I have not met yet. I look for myself in every corner. I scream for my name, but I do not listen. I speed up the pace, to see if I catch up, but I never make it. I try to pretend that I already know who I am, that I know what I want, but the future scares me, the fear of who I am and who I will be amazes me. And I force myself every day to become something that I still do not know what it is. I find myself talking to myself, lying on the pillow, waiting for an answer that never comes. I sit on the bathroom floor waiting for the scream to come out, my throat hurts but no sound comes out. I think in a few months, with whom I will be, what I will be doing, where I will be living, but nothing pleases me one hundred percent. I want to know happiness, I want to be a friend of freedom, a partner of lightness and companion of life. I want more of myself, I want to be something that nobody has ever seen, I want to be shocking, I want the memory of affection when my name comes in your head, I want your heart racing when I arrive, and warmth when I smile. I want warmth, passion, joy, love. I want myself, I want to be complete, I want to overflow, I want to lie down at night feeling whole, feeling complete with my own presence. I want my head on the quiet pillow, knowing that my day was productive and that made me happy. It's what I want from me, it's what I want from life.