Hi everyone! Highlighter is the perfect way to give your face that perfect glow! Highlighters have gotten to be a little pricy so here is a way you can make it yourself...

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✧ Container

✧ Eyeshadow (in the shade you want your highlighter to be)

✧ Moisturizer

✧ Primer (optional for longer lasting highlighter)

✧ Aloe Vera Gel or Rose Water

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✧ Powder eyeshadow and add it to a dime size amount of moisturizer in your container

✧ For long lasting highlighter add the primer of your choice

✧ Add aloe vera or rose water to adjust consistency

✧ Mix together and store in an air tight container

✧ And now you have yourself an inexpensive DIY highlighter!

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-A little sparkle can make all the difference