I know nothing, because I know too much, and understand not nearly enough and never will.

As many of you already know, and if you don't then now you do, I'm currently in what north americans would call my 'senior year', my last year of high school. I'm phrasing my words like these because I live in Europe, more precisely in Spain, but I attend a French school which follows the french education system, in which this year is called Terminale.

This means a lot of things for me, the most important one being that around july/august I'll have to leave to persue my studies in medicine. I don't want to get into boring details such as how the procedure works or things like that, because to be honest it's very hard to explain. I'll be focusing on the universities I already applied to or the ones that I'm planning to apply to. So... without further due, here are the universities that I applied to.

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This is what the procedure looks like, in case you were wondering

1. Paul Sabatier, Toulouse

This is the first university I applied to, as its the one where I have more chances of getting into. My school depends on the Academy of Toulouse, which means that although we are in Spain we get the same privileges as the people who live there. As much as I love their program, the buildings are half destroyed and it's a very dangerous zone, so this would be my last choice.

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2. Université de Bordeaux

I'm not a big fan of this city since people tend to be very narrow minded and quite racist, and I'm saying this from my own experience knowing many people from there. The univerity is very nice and is made in one of those very old buildings that are so typical in France.

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3. Université de Montpellier

This university was one of the best in Europe, but it has failed to adapt to the many newcomers it recieves every year, making it very difficult to get in. The buildings are either very old or brand new because of how many people it welcomes every year, the university surpassed it capacity last year so I doupt I'll get in.

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4. Claude Bernard, Lyon

This is one of the main universities where I'm hoping to get in, it's in a very nice city with direct flights to where I currently live and they have many ways of helping students, either through extra classes or mock exams.

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5. Paris Descartes

This was my initial idea, but now I can't help but ask myself if I'm ready for such a big city when I've spent my entire life living in the middle of nowhere. However, now I feel more ready for the challenge.

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6. Paris Diderot

I don't know much about this university because I only applied to it a couple of days ago, but I do know it's a very good one, mostly because the ones in Paris have a very good success rate.

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7. La Sorbonne

Getting into this University would mean the world to me, this is the university of my dreams, where only the best of the best get in. I dreamed of this place when I was a child and I hope that my hard work does pay off.

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So... basically that's it, if you're wondering why I decided to study in France, its because although living arrangements are a lot more expensive, the university will only cost me 184 € a year instead of 14.000 €.
- Dahiandra