Hello Dear Readers!
So today I'll be doing the This or That Challenge. I've seen a lot of these recently on weheartit so I thought why not do it by myself so I better get on with it.

1. Coffee or Tea

blue, quotes, and coffee image coffee image

2. Long Nails or Short Nails
I like not too long nails or short ones just in the middle.

Image removed grey, nails, and pink image

3. Sunset or Sunrise?
I literally don't know what's the difference between except that sunrise is after darkness and sunset is after daylight.

закат image aesthetics, travel, and sunset image

4. Dog or Cat
Cats (although I love puppies, they are soo cute)

animals, cat, and cute image cat and cute image

5. Summer or Winter

forest, road, and snow image

6. Fall or Spring
Spring (because of the flowers)

flowers, nature, and orange image fields, mountains, and flowers image

7. Day or Night

Inspiring Image on We Heart It asia, city, and flowers image

8. Black and White or Color?

flowers, pink, and house image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

9. Comedy or Mystery

mystery, sky, and star image magic, book, and witch image

10. Fruits or Vegetables

friuts image

11. Fiction or Non-Fiction?
Both are fine

fantasia, magic, and fantasy image fantasy, warrior, and arrow image

12. Apple Music or Spotify

spotify image

13. Skydiving or Scubadiving

skydiving and nocarz image adventure, fun, and norway image

14. iPhone or Android

iphone, colors, and apple image apple, cellphone, and fashion image

15. Stay up late or Wake up early.
Stay up late

fashion, girl, and smile image

So that was my This or That Challenge. Hope you enjoyed and don't forget to check out my page.