Hey ! Today I'm back with 6 artists recommendations that I love. This is my second article and english isn't my first language so sorry if I you see some mistakes :) Hope this article is going to be helpful !

Lord Huron

You probably know the song « The night we met » if you've seen thirteen reasons why. This song is breath taking and I was very happy to discover plenty of other songs from him. His songs are beautiful and you will automatically love them !

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Fav song : Frozen Pines

Jeremy Zucker

I don't know much about him but I love his voice !! I fell in love with the lyrics, the accompagniment, his voice, everything !! He also posted the stripped versions of his songs that are super good too.

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Fav song : End

Vance Joy

Yes, you have already seen this name before : you must know « riptide ». You should really listen to his others songs cause they are magical and his voice is amazing.

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Fav song : Mess is Mine

Harry Styles

I love his style and I think that his songs are super good. I really like the lyrics.

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Fav song : Kiwi


I don't know much about them either but I really like their music. It's super calming and I love the lyrics too. ( kind of cheating right now cause they are a duet but whatever I guess )

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Fav song : Oceans

Matt Maeson

I was very suprised to see that he didn't have that much fans, at least for now :) I love the fact that he posted the normal versions and the stripped versions.

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Fav song : Tribulation

That's it for today ! Thanks for reading ♥