This is basicly an article about things that annoy me. It is not to complain or anything. I know things in my life could be so much worse, but I just feel extremely annoyed right now. So, maybe you will recognize something you get annoyed by too?
Enjoy ;)

Loud eaters
Half open closets
Bag arguments
Throwing away good food
People who think they are the best in the whole world
Judgemental people
Forgetting to buy something when I'm at the store
Teachers that think the homework will only take 15 minutes to finish
Having dry skin
When people can not cooperate with other people
Picky eaters
Getting no appreciation after doing something nice to someone
Being cold
Being told my taste of music is shitty
Walking on a slippery and icy road without being strewd
Loosing food on the floor
Getting gym in my hair
Commercials on TV
Having greasy hair
F**k boys
Teachers that does not care about their students
When people use "their" and "they're" wrong
Too loud people
Not being able to concentrate
Spilling on clean clothing
When the battery on the phone goes from 45% to 6% in literraly one second
When someone thouches my classes
Bi*chy looks
When somebody overreacts
My sister
When people do not keep their promisses
Spoiled kids
When you buy something, and it get broken right away
When someone spoiles the ending of a movie or series
Mad costumers
Stepping on water with socks on

OK, that was it for now. I kind of had fun with writing this, and it was way too easy to come up with all these things. I actually might write a part 2.