Hey, cuties!Finally it feels like spring here in Greece so I thought that it's time for a spring lookbook.

❁ Look #1

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Yellow Top or T-shirt | White Jeans | Backpack | Converse
Such a fun,bright outfit!If you want to add an edjier touch go for bold accessories that stand out such as a checkered belt or bold sunglasses.

❁ Look #2

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Trousers | Graphic T-shirt | Mules | Dainty Jewelry
A perfect outfit for any occassion~school,errands,work~.

❁ Look #3

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Denim Jacket | Jeans | Graphic Tee | Sneakers
We can't forget about the denim on denim classic!To add an extra touch to your look,you can go for a floral denim or top.

❁ Look #4

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Oversized T-shirt or Hoodie | Leather Jacket | Fishnets | Vans
You can tone it down if you want by wearing a neutral hoodie!Also, I suggest wearing shorts under or you can even wear a denim skirt.

❁ Look #5

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Midi Skirt or Dress | Blouse | Bandana | Sneakers
Midi skirts/dresses are really in right now so try to mix patterns and colors!To add a feminine touch to the look, wear a bandana on your hair.

I hope that you got some inspiration!Feel free to message me or send me a postcard.See ya soon xixixi ❤️



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