I always have eaten vegetables and healthy, i mean, i eat fats too, but now i´m very enfoqued to lost weight... this is not for lose weight but is for some ideas to eat healthy, i hope you enjoy.

Remember its healthy food, not diet food :D

#1 Arepa (tortilla) and Avocado

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I haven´t said but i´m avocado lover :D
this is my favorite breakfast, and i can breakfast it all days for the rest of my life... i love it
I´m from nicaragua and for the people that dont know what is an arepa, is a kind os bread, but it has less calories, and its more delicious, sorry for my explanation haha.

+ How to prepare

- firts you need
¨ 1cup of maseca de maiz (maseca corn)
¨ water

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- you must to mix the flour of maize (corn) with warm water up to having a soft and humid mass, it must not remain very dry since the arepa (tortilla) would not have many flexibity.

- Finaly you have to give a round shape to the arepa.

- And to accompany her on avocado and scramble eggs.

If you eat this breakfast all days like me, and with eggs, is recomended only eat egg white because the egg yolk have hight quantity of colesterol, and you can accompany it with coffe, i always drink a cup of coffe in the mornings^^ i love the coffe.

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#2 tomate toast

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you can accompany it with a cup of coffe

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#3 fruit toast

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#4 bowl of fruits

These breakfast is so healthy because the fruit is really filling and it has many proteins that we need^^

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#5 PANCAKES!!!!!

i´m pancake lover hahaha, i love so much the pancakes, is so disapointed because it´s too caloric, but don´t worry if you are in a diet or easy, you don´t want to eat too many calories, there are recipes of many types of pancakes low-calories and there are yummy too.
I have tasted oat pancakes and i promie they are so delicious.

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#6 OATS!!

many people said that the oat is for birds, that is so stupid because the oats is a yummy meal and it contaid many fibre that helps to lose weight and helps the stomach in the digestion ;)

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There are many ideas for breakfast but this are the breakfast that i loved, if you want more ideas tell me and i´m going to share my ideas with you.

i love the coffe and the avocado, i´m not a person without my cup of coffe.

i give you some ideas to drink in the morning, for accompany your breakfast.

1- coffe HAHHAH

sorry but i really love the coffe and that´s why i always drink it with my breakfast, apart from be deliciuos, it´s doing to fill u very much.

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2- tea

i like the tea, but i drink it without sugar so its a little bit disgusting, i recomended drink it with sugar, it´s going to taste better.

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3- Orange Juice

with an orange juice i mean a natural orange juice.
Many times we drink orange juice of box, and is unhealthy because they add many sugar to the juice and other things bad.
For that is better buy orange and make our healthy juice^^

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4- detox

Detow water is water that has been infuse with the flavour of fresh and delicious fruit.

its going to help to clean your organism,and flush your system of toxins.
the detox its going to help you to lose weight too.


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The oat not only can be eating, you can drink it too, and is like a kind of drink and its so delicious.

you need:
- oat
- water
- sugar

you put oat in a cup and add water, finaly agree sugar and drink it ^^
also you can change the water for milk and its going to be deliciuos.

personaly i love this drink, because it fill you very much, and help you to lose weight.

Did you know that there is a oat diet?

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And that´s all, i hope you eat more healthy and more avocado, and i hope you enjoy it.

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and you what do you prefer, tea or coffe?
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have you got an avocado obsesion like me?


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