Chapter 19

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The ocean of glimmering dresses swarmed everywhere around Ivy.

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The shining pearls and sparkly fabrics made Ivy's eyes widen in amazement. There were so many dresses. So many! All of them were breathtakingly beautiful.

Azaleia gave her a funny look and chuckled under her breath.

"So I take it you'd want to try one on?" she said smiling widely.

Ivy tilted her head, emerged in thought. The dresses were definitely beautiful, but Ivy knew she wouldn't feel comfortable in one. She had worn a long gown to her prom and it had simply ruined her night. The hem had gotten in the way and she had almost tripped on it more than once. Also it had weighted a ton more than she had thought.

"Naah, I'm good" she said shaking her head.

"Are you sure? You would look lovely in one", Azaleia said pulling out a silver colored dress.

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It was shorter than the others and it was beautiful. The hem was a bluish grey and the top had this complex pattern on it. Like it was part of a machine, like gears inside of a clock intertwined with flowers.

"Oh my god", Ivy gasped.

"Yes, this is one of my favorites too. It has been worn by others before though", Azaleia said putting the dress back to its place.

"By who?" Ivy asked still looking at the dress.

"There are stories about a brave and beautiful warrior fairy, who inspired others on the battlefield. She was one of the best. She was the freer of people."

"Oh, cool."

"Yes indeed", Azaleia said lifting another dress for Ivy to see.

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It was bright red, the color of blood and roses, Ivy's favorite color. Alongside orange of course. Unlike the previous one, this was a long gown. Ivy pursed her lips together disapprovingly. It had a long hem, exactly what Ivy didn't want. But with a few modifications it could possibly work. Maybe.

"I like that one. Is it okay if I... never mind", she said taking the dress from Azaleia. She wasn't gonna ask for permission to make the dress comfortable for her.

"I'll take you back to your room then", Azaleia said.


Ethan didn't realize he'd fallen asleep until an aggressive knock from the door woke him up. He grunted tiredly and stood up, struggling. He staggered to the door rubbing the sleep away from his eyes.

When he opened the door Mary burst in.

"Hey!" Ethan exclaimed in shock.

"Hey to you too sunshine", Mary said turning to face him.

"Why do you keep bothering me?!"

"First of all you're a douche and second of all someone here owes me an explanation", she said putting her hands demandingly on her hips. "And I can't get anything out of Luca and that black-haired girl."

"Yeah well too bad", Ethan said

"No, not good enough. I need answers", Mary said shaking her head, her black curls bouncing all around her face.

"Ask away then", Ethan said falling back to the bed.

"How can you still be sleeping? It's like three in the afternoon", Mary asked.

"That's your question? Well if that's what you came here to ask then–"


"No?" Ethan said raising his brow.

"Of course not! I want to know about this... this fighting school of yours."

Ethan let out an amused laugh. "A fighting school?"

"I don't know! This looks like a boarding school and you fight, right? So a fighting school. Anyway, that wasn't my point", Mary said putting her hands up. She looked a bit irritated.

"Sure. So this fighting school of ours is actually our...home", Ethan said taking a little break between the last two words.

"You don't seem very convinced."

"Uh, I am. This is our home", he said running his fingers through his black hair.

"Ooh-kay, so are you rich or something? 'Cause this place is huge", Mary asked.

"Again, is that what you want to know?" Ethan asked starting to get bored with the path this conversation was taking.

"No. Who are you folk?" she asked instead.


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Mary grinned. "Really? You go around town with your shotguns looking for wild reindeer to shoot?"

"Yeah, sure", Ethan said trying to hide an amused smile.

Mary raised a brow and gave him a sharp look.

"You wouldn't believe me even if I told you", he said looking at Mary with a challenge in his eyes.

"Try me", Mary said taking the challenge.

"We are hunters, but we don't hunt deer or rabbits. We hunt different kind of animals." Ethan took a break and squinted at Mary.

"Feral pidgeons?" Mary asked her chocolate eyes full of amusement.