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Today i'm here with a new article about the website Pretty Little Things. I've recently ordered on it and i would like to share with you my opinion
and dome tips because before my order i've watch a lot of youtube videos about Pretty Little Things but so many of them were sponsored.

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What's Pretty Little Things?

PLT is a online shopping website, the clothes and the accesories are pretty cute and affordable and there is often promotion and sales.

What i ordered?

I don't have picture but i ordered a pair of red sunglasses, a black body with a turtleneck, a green skirt, a black dress, a black beret and a red crop top who is really really cute. (i can send you the links to the articles by messages if you want)

How was the delivery?

I took the express delivery so i received my order very fast i don't remember the exact day when i received it but it took approximately 4 or 5 days.

What about the quality?

So for the quality i think it's not the best quality but for the price it's acceptable, the material of the clothes is a bit thin and transparent but except that it's pretty good for the price like i said.

And what about the sizes?

For the sizes my dress and my crop top are very small and tight for the most part of clothes i reccomend you to take one size bigger than your normal size.


PLT is a good online shop for his price even if i think there are other websites who are better for the quality so if you have question or you hesitate to order on PLT you can talk with me if you want.

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