Hello my dudes. I know I JUST (literally a minute ago) uploaded an article about ten chill songs but TRY TO STOP ME NOW. I hope you'll find something that makes you happy here, in my list of ten happy songs.

- Heroin - Sunmi
I love Sunmi. How can I not love her? Her voice is really good, and this song makes me feel hYPED!!

- Marceline - Willow
I actually didn't know it was from adventure time?? But that does make sense. Anyway I love Willow, and this makes me happy.

- Brazil - Declan Mckenna
I love his nice sounding voice cracks. He's very lucky to be able to make them sound so good - like damn.

- Hold It Down - Mia Gladstone
I know this was in my 'chill songs' article too, but it makes me happy as well as it's chill so like-

- 1 + 1 = 0 - Suran (feat. DEAN)
I love Suran's voice ohmygoshshshhs

- Twenty-Three - IU

- Good As Hell - Lizzo
This song is so cool, I love. Makes me feel more confident and happy and yeaah.

- Fool - Red Velvet
It's adorable.

- Om igjen - Razika
It's SO CUTE. I love Norwegian.

- Nothing To Regret - Robinson
I found this yesterday, I really like it.

Noticed how my reviews got shorter and less creative as we went further down the list? Yeah, I suck.

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