"Write about three things you like about you."

1. I actually genuinely like myself
It took so many years of searching for my own identity, whether it be finding my own voice or getting my body to a place where it was comfortable. I really do like myself. I think I'm exactly the person that I want to be, and it's a really good feeling.

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2. My resilience
I'm one of the strongest people I know. I've been through a lot of things but I don't feel sorry for myself, ever. Every single situation in life is what you make of it. Even when you have no control over your own life, you take the little controls and use them to your advantage. That's what I do and I'm really proud of that.

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3. My own ambition
I've said this before in my articles- I'm a do-er. Everything in my life I've said I'll do, I've done. First it was working at Hot Topic, then buying a blue VW with a sunroof, and now its moving to Baltimore. When I pick something new, I'm not just going to talk about it; I'm going to make it happen. I really love that about myself.

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