Inspired by

Where will I live?
interior and new york image bedroom, interior, and home image city, bed, and room image paris, breakfast, and view image
it would be a loft like in New York or Spain, with a white, natural and minimalist concept, with some plants and wide windows, nice views.
What will I own?
2, baby, and couple image cat and sphinx image cat, cute, and animal image cat and cute image dog and animal image dog, cute, and animal image
I will have a Sphynx ca cat or one like the pictures, or maybe a dog idk
In what will I work?
dog, doctor, and baby image animal, cat, and dog image angel, model, and pink image girl, city, and window image
I want to be a vet but also model
Which will be my hobbies?
body, fitness, and girl image nike, fashion, and shoes image airport, fashion, and outfit image girl, city, and travel image art, diary, and leaves image art image
My hobbies would be travelling, art and doing sport
My relationships
girl, friends, and travel image beer, chips, and dark image couple, kiss, and love image couple, hlou, and rebeux image
girl, jeans, and mirror image girl, smile, and food image vintage, girl, and 35mm image cigarettes, girl, and girly image
I would be a rollercoaster of feelings, I know that everything wouldn't be posible but if some of them works, I would be happy and anyway I will be sad sometimes, because I'm human

Well thats the end of the challenge, here you have some colections to inspire yourself