Most of us try to fit in society so bad that we don't even realize what we lose. You don't recognize losing you personality, being original or unique. You simply try to be like others. Why? For the reason that you care about what they all think. You care about what people WOULD think if you chose what you desire. Would their opinion truly matter? Actually, you should always choose yourself.

Everything is temporary

Nobody will remember what you chose to do, what you thought was right. So why should you be ashamed for who you are? Everybody has a different scale, what they think is right or wrong. It's your decision to make whether you want to be happy in life or accepted.

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You can't avoid judgement

There will always be someone who won't like you, who will be jealous of you or hate you. Why? Because they are afraid to take the step you have taken. Therefore you'll be a mirror in their eyes that make them hate you for being yourself, and that they are not like you. Let it be your power, moreover be proud that you are brave enough to live your life the way you wish to. Most people have no idea how to accomplish that.

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Seriously, who cares?

Know that whatever you do, you must feel like that's only for you. That's your lesson to learn and you need noone to accept or understand that. You can listen to other's opinion, but still don't let it influence you, It's your life, your decision to make, they are not in your shoes, so they don't know what's best for you.

Your judgement

If you still want to listen to an opinion, let it be yours. Yet, have you realized how many times a day you judge yourself? Like, being stupid, ugly, unwanted. Such negative thoughts are way worse than others' opinion. Instead, be your best company, empower yourself, praise yourself for the good things.

As soon as you reach the point, where you no longer intend to meet the requirements, you dare to choose what you want and you trust your life, everything will change. That's the point when you are free.