10 things that makes me happy

Before actually start this challenge, i want to warn you: I'm not following an existing one. I just read these types of articles on whi and when i find out some good ideas, i turn them into my challenge. You're free to do the same, so if you like some of my contents, write!
flowers, mountains, and sky image
mountains, forests, flowers, lakes, seas. Everything with n a t u r e, so basically nature itself! You know, that feeling of completeness when you don't need nothing else but yourself and the air.
book, light, and library image
b o o k s , librarys, bookstores. The smell of paper, even a bit of dust, and the atmosphere of silence and armony.
ballet, beautiful, and dance image
d a n c e and ballet. I feel totally myself when I dance, and watching other dancers and ballets actually hypnotises me.
car, nature, and forest image
c a r t r i p s. I love travelling with autos, and more specifically, when the travel is loong! I love looking at the landescapes while changing, with the music in background and chatting with the person i am with.
journal image
w r i t i n g. It gives me the peace of mind I strongly need sometimes.
animals, dog, and cute image
d o g s. I don't even think needs a caption.
rain, quotes, and green image
r a i n. Dancing in the rain, the smell after a storm, the skies. Everything.
music, records, and aesthetic image
m u s i c will always be a balm to my soul.
cole sprouse, boy, and black and white image
b l a c k a n d w h i t e pictures. I'm like obsessed with them! They give me such vintage and pure(?) feelings. [my sweet Jughead Jones here isn't random]
girl, grunge, and cigarette image
a l t e r n a t i v e, indie, grunge.

➸So this was my first article and first day of the challenge, hope to see you again!