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1 | bangs!

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bangs are an amazing way to spice up your look, in fact, i plan on getting some myself.

there are a bunch of different types of bangs and they can really change the way you look. whether you want whispy bangs or thick ones, this may be an option for you! the article above i hope will help you and here's another one that will too;

bangs will add something more to your look and are super cute! you can even test them out on a wig or extensions or something to see if you'd like them.

2 | cut your hair shorter!

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i've only ever had short hair when i was younger when i attempted to cut it myself and had to get it fixed slightly longer so that it'd be short and not so short that i couldn't touch it with my hand or run my hands through it. it's a long story.

bobs are really pretty and short hair is better in long hair in some ways. it doesn't take as long to brush, straighten, or curl. you can also wear it down more often and spend time focusing on other things when getting ready. there also some cool half up half down hairstyles you can do with short hair. some celebs who have had/have short hair; zoe sugg, emma stone, selena gomez, taylor swift, and lily collins.

3 | bold style pieces!

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maybe some huge hoop earrings, iridescent sneakers or boots, blazers, or some bright, vibrant colors.

try on something bold and things that will make people attracted to you. something eye - catching! maybe even an entirely new style that fits you. band tees, overalls, pinafores, and gingham may be the thing for you!

4 | a red lip!

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put on some red lipstick and take on the world.

grab the nearest red lipstick - or gloss - whichever is your cup of tea and look confident. a bold lip is always a must to spruce up your look and bring up your ego.
( hopefully not too much though! )

5 | a new hair color!

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try a spunky hair color or something more cooled down. pastels are really in for the spring!

since pastels are trendy right now, maybe go for a light, airy peach, lavender, or a soft baby blue! if that's not what you like; try a vivid navy blue or bright hues of pink. maybe even red tips or an ombre.


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