​A cold day in a village

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There was no noisy sound. The silence was reigning on the village. The only perceptible sound was the wind which was blowing on the trees. Since it was winter, darkness almost arrived nonetheless the clock pined up 4 pm.

All the people were gone barring two children. Arnold and Miguel. "Find him" this latter said. "I’m trying but he’s small" replied the other. They were looking for something cruel, something sometimes considered as an abomination and which was also machiavellian and maleficent. They were searching a cat. Not a random one but Sophie’s cat. He was as black as the night sky. His green eyes hid a deep cleverness.

"I found him !" Arnold yelled, "He’s on the debris". Consequently, he took the cat. Miguel had already left to join the villagers. Arnold ran after him with the animal in his arms.

They were going to the lake where everyone was. It was the pandemonium. No one let someone finish their sentence. They were all shouting except a boy. He was frozen in the middle of the crowd. His brown hairs hid his black eyes. Then, a voice began to talk and little by little it was as quiet as in the village. « My friends, you do know why we are here today. Sophie has to prove us something ! » he exclaimed. The concerned screamed. She was trying to get free of her chains. "Observe the animal inside her, see the devil in her eyes" said the mayor. As she felt his anxiety, Sophie smiled at him. Her teeth were revealed as a threaten. She had a beautiful white smile and an enchanting green look. "Be careful, she is going to cast a spell over us !" a woman yelled. The villagers started to made some noise. « Calm down. It is time to sentence this lady » said the mayor, as a response. "Noo ! Mummy !" screamed the boy that hadn’t made any sound before his exclamation. He jumped in Sophie’s arms. He loved her so much. "Hey sweetie, you’ll have to be brave. You understand ?" she told him, with a bright smile that would have normally warm the boy. But he was too devastate on this cold day.

The old lady of the village took the boy away from his mother. As a consequence the child gesticulated wildly. He didn’t want to lose her. The cat who was still in Arnold’s arms jumped into the ground. Everyone was looking at the cat. They were so frightened so they didn’t move. He was going to his master, Sophie. She kissed him and called him by his name. «  Emeraude, take care of Bobbie » she whispered to her domesticated animal.

The people woke up from their fear as the fact that they could be cursed was less stressful than the touching scene that has happened in front of them. "Witch" yelled someone. And everyone else followed him barring Bobbie and the old lady. "Witch ! Witch ! Witch" they shouted together. "I love you Bobbie" said nicely Sophie. "And you, all of you, you will pay for that !" she shouted at them as a damnation. "Go to hell" the villagers answered back.

Sophie was now on the pontoon. "I will not beg" she simply replied. Her green eyes had during few seconds became red as a destroying fire. It was so quick that nobody saw that phenomena.

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Four strong men had to carry her. They threw Sophie in the water. The old lady put her hands on the boy’s eyes but he wanted to be strong like his mother told him to be. He took the hands off and watched his mother drowned.

They waited more than ten minutes to be sure that she hadn’t survived but she hadn’t. Her chains were too heavy even for her. Her force wasn’t enough.

"The Witch is dead !" the villagers exclaimed, happily with a huge smile on their face. "And about the cat ?" Miguel said, meanly. As Bobbie heard the word cat, he immediately took Emeraude in his arms. "Don’t take him from me too, please" he implored. « He’s just a kid » the old lady added. They felt pity for him.

"What about the boy ?" the mayor said. "I will take care of him. He’s my grandson." she answered back. "No but about the witchcraft thing" he almost threw up as the word was disgusting. "Oh come on, this boy has suffered enough. My dear, you know that it’s only women who can have evil power." the mayor’s wife answered. She tried too touch the boy’s cheek but he moved. "Oh right, let’s go" she ordered. After five minutes everyone was almost gone.

"Let’s go home" the old lady told him. He wasn’t even listening. He was holding the cat and smelling his mother’s scent. "Oh right. I’ll make dinner. Be back before the night arrives" The grandmother left him.

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There was no sound. Not any. He sat on the pontoon. Thanks to the cat that he was strongly holding, Bobbie felt less alone. He was so sad to have lose his everything in this world.

He was thinking about good memories with his mother. Like that time in summer when they were hanging out in the forest under the trees. Or that time when they were singing with the birds. She had a wonderful voice. And when she narrated him stories about mystical creatures. No, his mother wasn’t maleficent.

Suddenly he felt a presence. He turned back and raised. It was Miguel. "I know who you truly are" he went on, "You’re like your stupid mother. You can’t mislead on me" he laughed. "My mother was not stupid you stupid" Bobbie replied. He tried to give a punch but Miguel was five years more than him. As a result, Miguel gave him many blows. The cat showed fangs and he answered by a kick "I’m off" he said.

Bobbie had a nosebleed. Emeraude began to wash himself. While Bobbie was cleaning himself he saw something through the water. He approached and saw his eyes. They were red as much as the anger he felt inside of him.

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The wind was blowing around the village. The villagers were eating, sleeping or talking about the events of the day in their cottage. The threes were homing. The owls were going out of their sanctum. The animals of the night were imposing. The domesticated dogs bayed, the babies cried, the wild animals were noisy. And as an advertisement the nature made sounds. Because the Night had arrived on Salem.

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