The day is known by the morning.

Mornings are the most important part of the day. The morning reflects how your day goes, so to have a productive and energized day I have been doing this morning routine for weeks now and my days have never been better. This is how it all goes. You can try it as well if you like & I hope it helps you.

Waking up

  • I usually wake somewhen between 08:00 - 08:30. The earlier I wake up, the better I feel.
  • I immediately put some music on, either on Youtube, the radio, or turn the TV on. It helps me have a better mood.
  • I do some stretching, especially on the arms and the back.
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It helps to shake off the numbness from the night
  • I open a window, let some sunlight in ( I love to feel the sun on my skin ) and I check my messages.
  • I always make my bed in the mornings and then leave to brush my teeth and wash my face.
  • I drink plenty of water in the mornings,because I always am very thirsty and it helps me feel hydrated. I also have a cold glass of water with lemon, it freshens me up.

Working out

  • I always warm my body well before starting the work out.

Working out in the morning has given me much more strenght for throughout the day and has given me so much confidence to manage to keep my head up even if a crappy day follows me, more than anyone or anything ever.

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I workout for 30 mins-45 mins every morning.
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After working out I stretch again


I never skip breakfast! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it gives you the energy you need for the day.

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Coffee always comes first for me!
  • I like having fun in the kitchen, so I try to make a new-healthy breakfast every morning at home.
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Skin care

  • Before taking the shower, I like to put a face mask on, exfoliate and moisturize my skin. I either put a face mask on, or have a face scrub. It helps me smooth my skin. After that I apply a face cream on.

Dressing up

  • After the shower, I dress up for school, do my hair. I don't put any make-up on, because I am usually headed to school. I also put a sunscreen on and I leave my house.
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I always dress up in something that I feel good in!

REMEMBER: The morning starts your day. And each day is a new chance. So take that chance with the decision to BE HAPPY. And do it, smile more. Feel happy. And don't let anyone ruin it!

-xoxo, Lis