Hello, cuties ^^
Summer is probably one of the most amazing seasons. Especially, if you are a student. That means you can take a rest and relax near the beach.
Also, summer outfits are the best, right?

So, I thought to my self, why not to make a list of all the things a girl/boy needs to have to feel safe, good etc.

In no way, I am saying that you have to follow my rules, just enjoy this article and you may find something helpful.


Mature image Brun, happy, and Hot image bikini, tan, and tattoo image beach, ocean, and sexy image
My personal favorite for my face is The Face Shop one. It's pretty cheap and works well. For the rest of a body, I use whatever I feel like buying at that moment. They all work well as long as you use them correctly.


chanel, perfume, and coco chanel image pink, Victoria's Secret, and perfume image it, tumblr, and vs image girl, tumblr, and bodyspray image
Honestly, I am all for Victoria Secret these days. But the smell is differently preferable for everyone

Water bottle/ flask

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At summer you will be sweating like a mf, so get yourself a flask or water bottle.


beach, bikini, and curvy image bikini, girl, and girly image 80s, 90s, and aesthetic image abs, bikini, and fit image
Oh yeah, don't forget to get your bikini body. Eat a lot of junk food and show them your good ass. ^^ Fell confident in your skin!


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The whole variety!


backpack, expensive, and fashion image grafea backpack image backpack, bag, and Louis Vuitton image bag, fashion, and chloe image
You know, I can never do an article without fashion in it... Get yourself a backpack, not the designer one but just something to carry your stuff around.

Earphones/ Headphones

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Summer music playlist!

Camera/ Phone with a good camera

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Make those summer memories.

Lip balm

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Moisture for those summer date kisses <3

Body lotion

the body shop, beauty, and body image pomme d'amour, gel douche, and nocibe image victorias secret and vs image body lotion and pink image
Smooth body~

Hat/ Snapback

aesthetic, fashion, and hat image style image fashion, girl, and paris image girl, summer, and beauty image
Protect your har and mind as well.


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Show them legs.

Summer is not so far, make yourself a list and prepare for your summer adventure.