coffee or tea?

beauty, drink, and girl image book, coffee, and latte art image

black or white?

fashion, dress, and girl image black, interior, and home image

dresses or skirts?

clothes, girl, and bag image fashion, outfit, and style image

pepsi or coke?

red and red vogue image aesthetic, blue, and city image

chinese or italian?

food, sushi, and aesthetic image chinese, chinese food, and dinner image

chocolate or vanilla?

cake, delicious, and drizzle image aesthetic, breakfast, and pancakes image

winter or summer?

summer, sea, and beach image girl, summer, and beach image

spring or autumn

japan, pink, and flowers image flowers, pink, and summer image

tan or pale?

beautiful, tan, and philine image aesthetics, beauty, and brown image

cake or pie?

aesthetic, food, and coffee image cake image

ice cream or yogurt?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It food, ice cream, and yummy image

boots or sandals?

accessories, chic, and details image gucci, fashion, and shoes image

silver or gold?

Image by superasanbaeva stars, fashion, and jewelry image

fruit or vegetables?

papaya image Image by r a e x i r a

cats or dogs?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It dog, puppy, and cute image

washing dishes or doing laundry?

Image removed claudia tihan image

curly hair or straight hair?

girl image hair, girl, and brunette image

sky dive or bungee jump?

places, Belize, and sky diving image Temporarily removed

leather or denim?

asian, fashion, and jacket image fashion, outfit, and girl image

bagels or muffins?

food, bagel, and yummy image Image by ᴊ ᴏ ᴄ ᴇ ʟʏ ɴ ☾

_hope you liked it, xoxo emma