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i can't describe how much i love this series! it's about a female con artist who uses people for their money, and now all of her 'victims' work together to find and confront her.

big little lies

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it's like a grown up version of pretty little liars, with more mysteries and focuses more on mature themes. it's a really quick watch and will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat every episode.


cassie sid
just teenagers being teenagers

gossip girl

blair blair
teenagers acting like adults, adults acting like teenagers in the elite Upper East Side of Manhattan

the vampire diaries

damon brothers
in a supernatural world, two vampire brothers fell in love with one girl. vampires, werewolves, witches... this show has it all.

teen wolf

allison teen wolf
the title says it all, this show is about the life of a teenager who is also a werewolf.

brooklyn nine nine

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this is so far my favourite sitcom to watch whenever i need a laugh. it's about what happens at Brooklyn's 99th precinct on a daily basis. trust me, you won't regret watching this series :)


Superthumb misfits
some teenagers get amazing superpowers. now they must use their unique abilities to prevent bad things from happening.