There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back

I've been shaking. I love it when you go crazy. You take all my inhibitions. Baby, there's nothing holding me back. You take me places that tear up my reputation. Manipulate my decisions. Baby, there's nothing holding me back.
'Cause if we lost our minds and we took it way too far. I know we'd be alright, I know we would be alright. If you were by my side and we stumbled in the dark. I know we'd be alright, I know we would be alright.
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Do ya, do you think about me? And do ya, do you feel the same way? And do ya, do you remember how it felt? Cause I do, so listen to me, baby.
And I'm not tryna ruin your happiness. But darling, don't you know that I'm the only one for ya?
Do I ever cross your mind?
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I'd drive through the night. Just to be near you, baby. Heart open, testify. Tell me that I'm not crazy. I'm not asking for a lot. Just that you're honest with me. And my pride, is all I got.
Consuming all the air inside my lungs. Ripping all the skin from off my bones. I'm prepared to sacrifice my life. I would gladly do it twice.
Please have mercy on me. Take it easy on my heart. Even though you don't mean to hurt me. You keep tearing me apart. Would you please have mercy on me? I'm a puppet on your string. And even though you got good intentions. I need you to set me free.
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Treat You Better

I know I can treat you better than he can. And any girl like you deserves a gentleman. Tell me why are we wasting time. On all your wasted crying. When you should be with me instead. I know I can treat you better. Better than he can.
I won't lie to you. I know he's just not right for you. And you can tell me if I'm off. But I see it on your face. When you say that he's the one that you want. And you're spending all your time. In this wrong situation.
Give me a sign. Take my hand, we'll be fine. Promise I won't let you down. Just know that you don't. Have to do this alone. Promise I'll never let you down.
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Three Empty Words

We'll just talk about our day. To try to fill the awkward space tonight. We'll play the songs we used to love. While we try to fall in love again. We don't know who's wrong or right. We don't even care enough to fight.
We're going through the motions. Cause we can't fix what's broken. And I know it's gonna hurt. But darling I'll go first. Cause I won't keep on saying those three empty words. No, I won't keep on saying those three empty words.
And if something doesn't change. Then we'll keep on sinking further.
Those three empty words. Will only make it worse. We're tired, we can't take it anymore.
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Don't Be A Fool

You've got my heart but I can't let you keep it, babe. Cause I won't be sure that I can stay. And don't waste your time trying to pull me in. Cause I'm just a mess you don't wanna fix. Just promise me one thing that you won't forget.
I don't think you'll ever understand. I know that you don't wanna hear this. But darling, please don't be a fool.
And wait on me, darling. I know that you don't wanna hear this. But I'm always on the move, yeah. Just don't be a fool. And say that you love me, girl. Cause you'll find a man who will stand by your side. And will be there for you.
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Like This

You say it's not supposed to be. Tell me not to waste my time. This was never up to me. But if it was I wouldn't mind. And I'm trying to ignore you. I try to go on with my day. But I still pick up the phone. And get lost in what you say.
I can try to stop it, all I like. Hands down I've lost this fight. Thought I was strong, enough for you. But I just can't hide the truth. So I guess I'm going down. I guess I'm going down, like this.
And I love it how she's honest. You don't find that nowadays.
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No Promises

Oh no, we don't need to overcomplicate it. Cause I've been here once before don't even say It.
Baby please no promises. Cause we won't keep our promises. And I know the consequences. So baby please, baby please no promises.
I've never been a fan of heartbreak.
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Lights On

I wanna love you with the lights on. Keep you up all night long. Darling, I wanna see every inch of you. I get lost in the way you move. I wanna love you with the lights on. And hold you 'til the nights gone.
Your lips are talking when we don't speak.
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There's no way to say this that easily. And everything I said, I swear I meant it. I need to tell you that this isn't your fault. And I know that I'll probably regret it.
Is that I hate to hurt you. But I got to be honest. I can't give you what you need. You deserve more than I can promise. And I'm just tryna, I'm just tryna. Baby, I'm just tryna be honest.
You're gonna say that I'm lying. When I tell you every feeling I felt. Was honest and sincere in that you were different. And when we kissed I felt like that kid in love.
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You hit me up, it's late at night. This is the same old story. Your friends should take your phone away. I always give in when you tell me lies to reassure me. I always make the same mistakes.
First you say you love me, then you say you don’t.
Can you make your mind up? Please, I'm losin' my patience. You know I'm losin' my patience.
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Bad Reputation

She got a bad reputation. She takes the long way home. And all of my friends seen her naked. Or so the story goes. Mistakes we all make them. But they won't, let it go, oh no. 'Cause she's got a bad reputation. But I know what they don't
And I don't care what they, say about you baby. They don't know what you've been through.
Nobody knows the way that I know her, said. Nobody knows the weight that’s on her shoulders, said. Nobody knows the way that I know her, said. She got it bad, she got it bad.
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Am I asking all these questions for nothing? I'm wondering if anyone's there. And I really need to make a confession. I hate to say that I'm a little bit scared.
'Cause I've been on this train too long.
Prayin' that I don't forget where I belong. And every time I ask myself. Am I turnin' into someone else?. I'm prayin' that I don't forget just who I am. I really wanna understand. I just wanna understand.
'Cause we all get lost sometimes, yeah I know. Yeah we all get lost sometimes. We don't leave your heart behind, no yeah. 'Cause we all get lost sometimes.

He doesn't sing here, he's just talking here:

"When you wake up, your whole world's flipped. It's just different, and you gotta go with it. And, that's just simply growing up. And not see it in a negative way. If they see it as it's been given to you. I mean, as much as times can be crazy. You're gonna feel like that's where you're supposed to be. You're not going to feel out of place anymore. You're going to feel like that's where you meant to be. You don't have to pretend that it's easy all the time. You just let it go, and, and grow with it. And you can't hold on, to the old you, or the old this, or the old that. Because, you know, you change, and it's not changing in a bad way. It's just changing because that's what happens in life. You grow up, everyone moves on. You're just learning. You stay true to yourself. Changing isn't a bad thing, it never was. But at the end of the day, you know?. You're the same person. And, and where your heart is. That doesn't change."
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Hold On

I think too much when I'm alone. I never win when I. Keep all my thoughts inside.
And my dad says, "Shawn, stay with me. Everything will be alright. I know I haven’t seen you lately. But you’re always on my mind".
I don't know what. You’re going through. But there’s so much life. Ahead of you. And it won’t slow down. No matter what you do. So you just gotta hold on.
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It's not that I'm afraid I'm not enough for her.
But when she's with him, she seems happier. And I don't want to take that away.
I'm not tryna start a fire, with this flame. But I'm worried that your heart might feel the same. And I have to be honest with you baby. Tell me if I'm wrong, and this is crazy. But I got you this rose. And I need to know. Will you let it die or let it grow?
It's not that I don't care about the love you have. It's not that I don't want to see you smile. But there's no way that he can feel the same. 'Cause when I think of you my mind goes wild.
You can tell me stop, if you already know. Though I'm not sure my heart can take it. But the look on your face says, don't let me go.
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