☆ A-Age: 18
☆ B-Best Movie: The Great Gatsby
☆ C-Current Time: 01:19 pm
☆ D-Drink you last had: soda (i now, sad)
☆ E-Everyday starts with : my laziness
☆ F-Favorite song: WML
☆ G-Grossest Memory: Being caught by everyone when I did the wrong thing/not being believed in.
☆ H-Height: 1.55 ish
☆ I-In love with: memes, short hair, satisfaction things, piano & sad songs, bates motel, interesting and nice people. ..
☆ J-Jealous of: homeschooled kids
☆ K-Killed someone: 100% maybe
☆ L-last time I cried: I don't remember
☆ M-Middle name: Grace
☆ N-Number of siblings: 1
☆ O-One wish: to control life the way I want to
☆ P-Person you last texted/called: best friend
☆ Q-Question you always asked: "Can i make my own decisions?"
☆ R-Reason to be happy: someone actually loves me for an unknown reason.
☆ S-Song you last sang: style - a cover of Taylor Swift
☆ T-Time you woke up: 07:30 am ish
☆ U-Underwear color: gray
☆ V-Vacation place: NY Christmas.
☆ X-X-Rays you've had-: didn't had
☆ Y-Your favorite food: hamburger
☆ Z-Zodiac sign: Aquarius