Day 7 Make a list of 5 favourite TV series.


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You know have every generations has a series that marked their teenager years? Well mine was Rebelde I cried, I laughed, I was disappointed, I was angry with my favourite rebels. My favourite female protagonist is Lupita played byMaite Perroni and my favourite male character is Miguel played by Alfonso Herrera. My little secret is that I sometimes still listen to their songs.

Kara Sevda (Endless Love)

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I'm not familiar with how much you know about this series but since I found quite a lot pictures and collections on WHI I would say that quite a large number knows this series. Nevertheless I will give you a short summery. Nihan is a rich young woman who fell in love with a poor fellow named Kemal. Their love was a love at first sight however just like in any other series we need to have a bad guy who wants the girl for himself. In this series his name is Emir. He staged a murder in which Nihan's brother Ozan seemed to be the culprit. To save her brother Nihan marries Emir and her saves her brother from prison. However the whole murder scene was fake and they figure that out few years after that when Kemal returns as a rich businessman. After Kemal returns the fight to save Nihan from the hell that Emir is holding her in starts.

Pretty Little Liars

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I'm a huge PLL fan and since this series is known worldwide I won't write it's summary, but I will tell you my favourite female and male characters. My favourite female character is Aria and my favourite male character is Caleb.
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Criminal Minds Dr. Spencer Reid. Need I say more?

Doctor Who

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The tenth doctor. Need I say more?

XOXO, Milena