people from other cities of the world
call me claire ...

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

c : cerisier
l : lavende
a : air
i : ici
r : ruban en rose
e : eau

: baby pink petals,
cute pretty & beautiful,
cherry blossoms
invite us every spring

Image removed

: a gentle hue of violet (not ultra),
so soft & féminine,
is my favorite color

blue, drink, and lemon image

: ambiance counts as much or more than appearance
when i find beauty in men & women

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: vivre dans le moment d'ici, c'est difficile - pourtant l'essentiel pour bonheur
living here, in this moment, is difficult - however, essential for happiness

black, header, and in image

ruban en rose
: a pink ribbon or a rose pink one,
I would like to make a half pony tail with it
if I become a girl again

girl, ribbon, and dior image

: water,
essential, fresh, & serene
i would like to be l'eau to someone

beach, boho, and city lights image

merci for reading my short writing on moi

wishes hearts bisous,
chez claire