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1. I’m obsessed with k-pop

I’ve only ‘discovered’ it towards the end of 2017, but I am very in love. My number one is, of course, BTS, but I also love EXO, SEVENTEEN, and WINNER, as well as some solo artists such as Sunmi or Lee Hi. I really think you would find a song you like, regardless of the language, so just give some songs a listen!

2. I’m “mature” for my age

Usually on social media, I don’t give out my age, but in real life people always say I act a lot older than how old I actually am. I hope this is a good thing, but I guess it comes with both positives and negatives.

3. I love writing

This is probably very obvious to you guys, but other than articles I write here, I also like to write stories. Also, essays. That’s probably super weird, but I find it relaxing, because I think I’m actually (a little) good at it haha. My goal in life is to publish a book, and I’m actually working on developing a story right now.

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4. I have social anxiety

This is super random, and I’m actually not really sure why I’m adding this here, but it’s a fact and this is an article about facts lol. I don’t know why, but I’m very anti-social because being around people makes me feel nervous.. I hope I can become better at being around strangers, or even just classmates (etc).

5. I want to travel to Europe

It’s always been a big dream of mine to travel to many beautiful places, but Europe has always been a big part of that dream. France, London, Greece... all those places are just so lovely.

6. I love photography

I guess you hear this from almost everyone , but photography (and art in general) is something I really appreciate. However, I do not have the patience to learn how to be better at photography (or art), so I hope I will do better in the future.

7. I am not what I heart

So... this is a bit random too, but a lot of the things I heart don’t actually have much to do with me personally. I mean, I find the photos aesthetically pleasing, but images of beauty/makeup, hair, coffee (etc) have nothing to do with me daily life; I don’t wear makeup (I don’t even own any products unless you count chapstick lol), my hair is always a wild mess, and I am not a fan of drinking coffee.

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8. I’m a hopeless romantic

I am not in a relationship right now, and I have never been in one in the past, but I am all for other people to be together. Obviously, it’s none of my business, but I always have a silent opinion on people. Oh, and I also always am imagining a future of happiness because of a significant other :)

9. I apologize a lot

When I say a lot, I mean a lot. If I forget to hold the door for you, I’ll say “sorry”. If I don’t have spare change, I’ll say “sorry”. If I forget to bring in something (for school or something), I’ll say “sorry”. It’s like i can’t help saying it, because it’s always going to be my fault, regardless of how much of an impact I can actually have on it.

10. My favorite number is 5

Okay, there are actually a number of reasons why. The biggest one being it’s the number for the month of May, which is my birthday month, my best friend’s birthday month (she’s 4 days older than me), and my other friend’s birthday month (we grew apart since she moved, but I still love her).

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11. My opinions are very strong

If you say something that seems offensive or is, I will definitely express my feelings toward it, and you’ll regret ever opening your mouth. Other than that, I’m also pretty straightforward if someone asks (or doesn’t) for my opinion. There’s really no use in trying to hide what you think.

12. My handwriting is neat

So, if you’ve already seen some of my personal uploads, my handwriting is pretty messy and terrible, but that’s only because I feel pressured for it to look good, and also because messy (kinda) handwriting is sometimes aesthetically pleasing to look at. If I’m at school taking notes or something, then it will probably be neater because I know no one will see it except for me and will write freely (my concept it weird, I know lol).

13. I hate getting haircuts

Yes, they are healthy for you and prevent split ends, but one of my biggest flaws is that I can never go through change. Even small thing like a little trim gets me all triggered, and I usually wait a year before getting my next one. When I do get it, I always have to request only a few inches so there isn’t a drastic difference.

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Well, that’s it for today! I hope you liked this article, and please feel free to request future uploads from me!

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