Name: lizzie

Nicknames: Some people call me lizz i geuss thats count

aesthetic aesthetic

What I am most confident about with myself: my smile, i love my teeth and my dimpels ☽

One insecurity: The shape of my head

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Pictures that inspire me or make me happy:

Daria forest city cd chocolate baby

Favourite word: shakespearean - written by William Shakespeare, or relating to the plays and poems he wrote/using words in the way that is typical of Shakespeare’s writing.

aesthetic beauty

Dream job: author maybe

Favourite song: WML - every time i listen to it i feel in a different world, idk why i like
mostly sad songs

Favourite quote(s): amm

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also maybe "dont waste your youth by growing up"

Favourite quality about me: I am kinda out of the box/ creativity

What positivity means to me: im not really sure, i am a big believer and i do believe that things going to happend and in the end its going to be fine, and in the same time i worry that i am liying to myself, i think if i was more positive than i could just live the momen more without waisting my time on worries so i think poitivity is a way of letting it go and breath in some way.

forest aesthetic

Advice for those struggling with positivity: i couldnt say it better myself than kara (the girl that posted her positve tag (credit)); " There may be times when you feel like everything is bad, like there is nothing good for you. People tell you to be positive as if it is so simple, as if you can just flick a switch inside you and become the positive person everyone is telling you to be. But it doesn’t work like that. Life is not that easy. Maybe all the bad stuff, all the negativity is pilling on you so much that you are overwhelmed by it, you see no way out, no way to reach that positive side of you, to become that positive person you really want to be. It is probably going to be difficult, you may even want to give up a few times. But the thing about positivity is that it is always there. It may take a while for you to reach it, it may be a painful journey, but it will be worth it." she said it all and its very true

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Say this: "In a year or two and even five it wont even matter." ∴

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