1. When writing notes down, reread it in your head. Study shows that if you know what you are writing down, it increases the chance of you remembering that specific statement by 60%.

2. Write in blue ink. It is said that you can remember words better in blue ink than black! Interesting, huh?

3. Make your notes as simplistic as possible! Only take notes of what you think is important.

4. Put the phone down. Turn it off. Your phone distracts you from learning.

5. Finally ... read more! Reading more books, magazines or newspapers will increase your chance on remembering useful information as your mind is focused on words than distractions.

6. Download apps that will help improve your memory! I recommend memorado. It has games that train your brain in which you could also personalise a workout! It helps me a lot.

That is it for my first article! I wish you luck on your upcoming exams!