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I literally just saw an article on WHI and I'm so excited about it because this girl from the article saw it from another girl. I think this is an amazing oportunity to watch other's collections that you would like based on the theme. The girl whom I have read the article is @queen ♕.

queen ♕
queen ♕

Theme 1

fashion black fashion Superthumb

Theme 2

city beach Superthumb lights

Theme 3

beauty Superthumb art Superthumb

Theme 4

Superthumb art aesthetic aesthetic

Theme 5

fashion Superthumb blonde Superthumb

Theme 6

aesthetic alternative eva green 80s

Theme 7

fashion beauty body beauty

Theme 8

model girl Superthumb equality

Theme 9

couple couple aesthetic Superthumb

Theme 10

beach airplane aesthetic Superthumb

Theme 11

beauty Superthumb adventure iceland

Theme 12

beauty aesthetic Superthumb fashion

Theme 1= Vogue 🕊️

Theme 2= Travelling addiction 🌉

Theme 3= Picture inspo 📸

Theme 4= Art inspiration ⚡

Theme 5= Brandy Melville

Theme 6= 90’s 🍒

Theme 7= Small boobs slay too ♡

Theme 8= Black matters 🖤

Theme 9= LGBT 🌈

Theme 10= Tattoo 🦂

Theme 11= Iceland ❄️

Theme 12= Kelsey Simone ✨


I hope this helped you out!

Xoxo Caroline

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