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I literally just saw an article on WHI and I'm so excited about it because this girl from the article saw it from another girl. I think this is an amazing oportunity to watch other's collections that you would like based on the theme. The girl whom I have read the article is @queen ♕.


Theme 1

girl, fashion, and blonde image fashion, red, and outfit image fashion, style, and girl image dress, fashion, and style image

Theme 2

paris, city, and travel image Inspiring Image on We Heart It travel image luxury, lights, and view image

Theme 3

girl, jeans, and style image fashion and girl image art, girl, and museum image blonde, kiss, and makeup image

Theme 4

aesthetic, bag, and eye image Inspiring Image on We Heart It art, paint, and aesthetic image yellow, indie, and aesthetic image

Theme 5

fashion, tee, and brandy melville image alternative, fashion, and girl image fashion, kaia gerber, and style image gold, los angeles, and necklaces image

Theme 6

red, coca cola, and retro image 90s, tumblr, and aesthetic image the dreamers and eva green image vintage, 90s, and aesthetic image

Theme 7

fashion, style, and summer image bralette, small boobs, and fashion image bed, body, and boobs image bed, bedroom, and bikini image

Theme 8

beautiful, black, and duckie image beautiful girl, curly hair, and photographyinspiration image art, boy, and fall image girl, feminism, and feminist image

Theme 9

girl, kiss, and lesbian image Abusive image aesthetic, gay, and girls image aesthetic, bus, and rainbow image

Theme 10

beach, blondie, and girl image tattoo, travel, and world image tattoo, honey, and jeans image girl, sea, and suntan image

Theme 11

Temporarily removed beautiful, girl girls, and holiday image travel, map, and world image iceland image

Theme 12

girl, kelsey, and hair image fashion, girl, and outfit image fashion, kelsey, and mask image classic, fashion, and goals image

Theme 1= Vogue 🕊️

Theme 2= Travelling addiction 🌉

Theme 3= Picture inspo 📸

Theme 4= Art inspiration ⚡

Theme 5= Brandy Melville

Theme 6= 90’s 🍒

Theme 7= Small boobs slay too ♡

Theme 8= Black matters 🖤

Theme 9= LGBT 🌈

Theme 10= Tattoo 🦂

Theme 11= Iceland ❄️

Theme 12= Kelsey Simone ✨


I hope this helped you out!

Xoxo Caroline

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