Hi everyone! in this article im pairing up zodiac signs with greek love deities.Please keep in mind that some of these gods have other areas they are in charge of as well, but Im only focused on the love, romance, sex part. Hope you enjoy!!

Aries: Pothos, god of sexual longing, yearning and desire

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Taurus: Anteros, god of requited love

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Gemini: Peitho, goddess of persuasion and seduction

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Cancer: Hera, goddess of marriage

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Leo: Priapus, god of male genitalia

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Virgo: Hymen, god of marriage, weddings

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Libra: Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love

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Scorpio: Eros, god of love, sex

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Sagittarius: Himeros, god of sexual desire, unrequited love

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Capricorn: Pan, god of male sexuality

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Aquarius: Philotes, goddess of affection, friendship and sex

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Pisces: Hedylogos, god of sweet talk and flattery

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