if you haven't met a f*ckboy and in your life then you either currently dating one and are yet to be f*cked over or you don't go out often ( jokes). Anyway I'm about to give y'all tips on how to avoid this event cause it sure does hurt whether your a tough girl or not.

1. They don't give you the attention you deserve. So he doesn't answer your whatsapp messages when you can clearly see hes online or it takes him a century to do so. If he really wanted you he would be working so damn hard for your attention.

2. You honestly feel like you're the one doing all the work. Reference to tip number one, for instance you start all the conversations. I get it that its cool and all when the girl makes the first move but not all the time. There must be some equal ground.

3. He doesn't acknowledge your presence when another girl is in the room. This is a clear indicator but we sometimes miss it cause we are blinded by their sweet and tender words.If he flirts with other girls then after claims for them to only be friends just run. Cause honestly if he had genuine feelings for you he wouldn't be flirting with other girls whether in front of you or behind your back.

4. Doesn't introduce you to his friends. What guy who wants a serious relationship doesn't tell the world shes mine. The first people they tell first is they're friends ( unless they don't have friends it'll be their moms). Its like a way to show you off and silently warn them if they dare pull you. On top of that they want to know their friends opinion on you. Guys always listen to their friends or (moms)

5. If he does introduce you to his friends and they don't have any respect for you. If he doesn't do anything about it it comes to show how little he thinks of you. His friends know you wont last long and see you as another game.

6. Isn't there for you through tough times or ghosts on you. I remember him leaving after my best friend died and my family went bankrupt and couldn't afford my private school tuition anymore, on top of that i started battling acne. That was a bad phase in my life so far but hey I survived. What made it worse was the lack of support from him. He could see that something was wrong even if i kept it a secret from him and my friends. he just kept his distance,it hurt more when he passed me in the corridor without as little as a hug that i loathed for at the moment or a simple tease. Anyway if he truly cared he'll be concern and there for you.

7. last but never always least, rumors. ok some are obviously not true (99% of the time) but just think why that rumor exists. i know i'm being paranoid but there always is some truth in a rumor it just tend to be twisted a bit.

8. ok this is the last one. Past victims( victims sound extreme i know). ok the girls hes f*cked over try to warn you but keep in mind some may just be jealous b*tches. This is really hard though cause like the rumors they might twist the truth.

9. This one is important. your friends don't like him. how can i forget that. your friends always know whats right for you guys and they're your only eyes to help guide you through the relationship when you are blinded, aren't they the people we ask for advice?