Hey guys!
This is the first time, when i'm writing an article.
When i was a child, i always dreamed abouit it, that if i grow up, i will write a blog.And now, when i am writing this article, i feel "The blog feeling", and that's soooo good:)
So, i decided, that i'm gonna make this little challenge, because i love travelling so much(but who not??:D), and i wanna visit so much more place in my life, and this is a nice, little set-up about it.
Well, my name is Anna.And i think this name is not too good for this challenge, because too short and the whole name is just 2 letters, but no problem, let's see the places!:)

A as Aruba:

beach and aruba image beach, shining, and water image Image by Alcira Reyna
Ahh, such a nice place, isn't it?:) Sun, Bikinis, Salty air, Fruits, Palm trees-->awesome place

N as New York:

city, new york, and traffic image girl, friends, and best friends image city, traveling, and blue image city life, travel, and amazing view image
I really love big cities, so New York is a must have for me.

N as Nice, (France):

Image removed france, ocean, and palms image beautiful, city, and france image breakfast, brunch, and cannes image
Okay, i cetainly go to Paris, but i don't have a letter P.But Nice is an amazing city too,when do we go?

A as Athen(Greece):

Athens, Greece, and akropolis image ancient, architecture, and art image Image by MELINDA WORREN Greece, Temple, and travel image
And don't forget about Athen with the Colosseum, Pantheon and many more magical thing.

Thanks for reading,